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Lattes, Suede Boots, and Fall-Inspired Jewelry

Enamel Leaf Inspired Necklace

 My yard is full of beautiful fall leaves. The top one is from my variegated banana tree. Clearly it's taken its color inspo from the a gingerbread-spiced latte. The bottom one is cut off a bit, but it's from a neighborhood sycamore tree. It's the color of beautiful suede boots. I'd actually like a pair in that color. 

And then there's the Leafina Necklace which clearly pairs well with lattes and boots. It's a brown enamel with dashes of fall green and yellow. 

I'm off to do a little raking. If you'd like to be the first to know about new products and promotions, sign up for my mailing list. 



Fall Leaf enamel necklace