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The Unexpected Red Theory: Fashion Edition

 The Unexpected Red Theory is getting some attention these days. It's an interior design concept coined by intayriors on TikTok. Her concept is that if you put a touch of red in a room where it has no business that the room will look pulled together and super cool. 

So this week I've been thinking why not try this concept with my wardrobe. I started off easy and added Square Off earrings in Red and red tennis shows to jeans and a white t-shirt. Truthfully this wasn't too surprising, since jeans and a tee have often been paired with red lipstick or red shoes. 

Unexpected red theory outfit

So I got a little bolder. I paired the same red earrings and a red necklace with a yellow floral dress. If you look close the yellow dress does have a touch of red in the print. 

Unexpected red theory for wardrobe

For my last experiment, I stood in my closet and tried to pick the most unlikely candidate for this experiment--something I would never wear red with. I chose this raspberry and navy floral dress. You can't see it, but I also had on red heels. 

 Unexpected red theory outfit


What I learned: I liked having two red items. Three felt like too many. I had a good time and will continue to experiment with this. 

Resources: Squared Off Red earrings

Here's some other red jewelry options

You can find intayiors' original post here

I learned about The Unexpected Red Theory from Ingrid Fetell Lee on this blog post. She's the author of the book Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness. If you haven't read the book I highly recommend it.  I also suggest joining her email list. Her newsletters are a joyous addition to your inbox. 

I can't link to the red necklace. I bought it from a independent maker in Costa Rica several years ago. I sadly don't remember her name. Her work is amazing.