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Three Ways to Add a Splash of Color to Neutral Outfits

Have you ever stood before your pantheon of beautiful neutral clothes and just felt a little over all of them? Have you simultaneous felt overwhelmed trying to add a little color pop? Maybe you've stood in a dressing room said out loud (quietly of course) "Nope, not me." 

What if you could savor your beautiful neutrals and give them a little spice up, a dash of red pepper flakes, a zhuzh? Here's three easy and budget friendly ways to do just that. Maybe one of them is just the inspo you've been looking for. 

1. Add Colorful Jewelry

This is the easiest and most cost effective way to add a pop color, and it's a good way to test drive more colorful self-expression in what you wear. You can start small with a minimalist jewelry in a bold color or go all in with bold and colorful statement earrings. Explore other colorful accessories such as a bright bag, animal print ballet flats, or a printed scarf. These will brighten your outfit and your day. Check out the Breathe Necklace here

neutral outfit with a bright turquoise necklace

2. Expand your Definition of Neutral

Pastels are a great way to add an unexpected pop to a neutral outfit. Some good combos are light pink and tan, turquoise and olive green (a favorite of mine), or soft yellow and gray. Layer simple pastel t-shirts under neutral cardigans or 'coatigan' (that coat /cardigan hybrid trend). Checkout the Embark Earrings here. And they come in other colors too. 

Pink and gray outfit with orange and pink earrings

3. Add Red

Red is THE statement color. So add a touch here or there. This works particularly well with a one-color outfit whether it is black, white, tan, or gray. But it also turns up the volume of a denim jacket or white tee. Even a small touch of red can add a surprising touch. Check out the Square Off Earrings with their fun square ear wires. They also come in variety of fun colors. 

Black outfit with red canvas shoes and red earrings

Bonus Tip

If you've been team neutral for a while, you might try out your color additives on the weekend as a test drive. Take a look at the Leopard Embark earrings. Go ahead the risk. :-)

Weekend outfit with leopard print earrings

I hope these colorful thoughts give your wardrobe that little something extra you've been looking for. 


P.S. Outfit your Mondays: This is a free resource designed to make getting dressed on Mondays a breeze. It's like meal-prep for your closet. Get yours now