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What's so Special about Jewelry made of Sand?

I have a growing line of jewelry made of sand. I keep adding new pieces because I love the process and the connection sand gives the wearer to nature. Using a torch, I fuse sand with enamel to either fine silver (.999) or copper. It becomes permanently bonded to the metal. It has a nice tactile quality since you can feel the sand on the front of the piece. I love creating jewelry with sand. Here's why:

Sand has a connection to place because I gather it in specific places such as Malibu and Utah. In that way, it is grounded. It offers a tangible connection to the earth reminding you of beaches, tranquil afternoons, and the sound of waves and wind.

Sand also has a sense of expansiveness. In the surf or wind, a tiny grain of sand can travel miles in a short time. So who knows where the sand you are wearing has been? 

Sand also participates in transformation. It is transformed from rock to sand. And sand dunes are transformed daily by wind and gravity.

Take a look at some of the sand pieces below, or click here to see the entire Sand Collection. There are earrings, necklaces and anklets. 

Layering necklace made of beach sand

The image below shows the color variations between Malibu Sand and Navajo Pink Sand from Utah and those that are on fine silver (.999) or copper. The backs of the copper pieces are enamel. 

Sand jewelry four option color comparison 

Anklet wtih 4 pendants made of Malibu Sand

If you'd like a custom piece made from sand from someplace that is special to you, contact me. Let's talk.

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